What I can do for you

I excel at driving operational excellence across multiple disciplines and platforms.

Operational Excellence

I have 20 years of IT leadership with demonstrated success of SLA improvement, uptime improvement, and cost savings

Critical Operations

I served as the primary escalation point for life-critical clinical field applications supporting over 6,000 field engineers at trauma centers, hospitals, and clinics

Data Analysis

I provided critical business intelligence reporting for a Fortune 100 company across multiple BI technologies


“Matt is passionate about success of the organization and himself, and uses that to drive improvements in the team. This does make him better as both an individual and a team player.” – Peer, 360° Feedback.

“I learned a lot of professionalism and work ethics from Matt. I have always told people around me about the air cover Matt provides me during difficult times and that Matt is one of the best leaders I ever have had. I could count three people in my life that have shaped my career and Matt is one of them.” – Direct Report - 360° Feedback.

“Matt’s willingness to help out others, attitude, intensity, intelligence, organizational skills, and consideration are unparalleled.” – Peer, 360° Feedback.

“Matt projects self-confidence, authority and enthusiasm. He displays the confidence needed to lead others in the toughest challenges. He effectively blends management skills with his technical expertise and makes effective use of technical support. Matt has demonstrated a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. He excels in developing alternative solutions. Matt looks at problems as exciting challenges.” – Supervisor, performance review.

“Matt is good at questioning the status quo, and find creative ways to address challenges or improvements, within his own team as well as the organization in general.” – Supervisor, performance review.

“Matt is a versatile and experienced leader. This is most apparent in an operational crisis situation, where Matt excels at mobilizing the team into action. Matt is keenly aware of business needs, demonstrated by his overtime dedication to finance close operations and in-person support in the operations war room. Matt is eager to adopt new technology. He is resourceful and has built a strong cross-IT network. Matt effectively utilizes a variety of analytical techniques to solve problems. He systematically evaluates options in terms of consequences and alternate courses of action. Matt generously shared his knowledge with his colleagues, as well as through multiple manager transitions. Matt's commitment to excellence was seen in several process automations and simplified methods to improve how his team works. His team met all SLAs around support case response and management.” - Supervisor, performance review.

“Matt is a force to be reckoned with! I will never forget his persistent advocacy and I hope one day I could do the same for someone else.” – Protégée, 360° Feedback.

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